Long Distance Healing

Within each individual exists a well of wisdom and love. There is a treasure deep within, that can come to the fore only as we become aware of all those aspects that barricade this treasure - Guide

Long Distance healing work is almost as powerful profound as an in-person healing. It is always wonderful to receive energy healing in the presence of a healer. However, Sudha Madhuri Devi offers distance healing that allows you to receive energy work if, for any reason, you are unable to visit her healing space in the UAE.

“Happiness is something we all seek. This is most natural and the longing comes from both our higher and lower selves; however, it is the Higher self that recognizes the price to be paid to acquire happiness – the effort we put on the path to this state. Healing helps you in your intention to travel this path and achieve sublime happiness and bliss.” - Guide

The session begins with a brief conversation either by phone or online which will help me to find out what your wish to create in your life and what you would like out of the healing. We begin the session with an interview and then I scan the energy field. I then connect with my high sense perception to the client’s energy conscious system. I then read all the four dimensions of the energy field and measure the energy centers. Based on that I begin to work with the client. (more details will be given during the work). As a Brennan Energy Healing Science practitioner using High Sense perception, I can perceive the energy flow through the client’s energy field while the healing work is done. I keep track of the healing process in the client, and respond to it each moment during the healing.

Each session is about 75 min.