30th Annual Invisible Illness Awareness Forum  
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Appearance Roster for May 9th 2015

Master of Ceremonies /Facilitator:-Dave Thomson; Public Education Coordinator, Invisible Illness Survivor, Activist, Educator and Facilitator.

Speaker/Facilitator: -Patty Emery; Life time Chronic Illness Survivor, Speaker, Author and Coach.   (Will be participating in pre and post information tables)


1- Karen Hanna: Director Self-Management BC & the Living Well with Chronic Conditions Course. .  
2-Carmen Westerhiem: Vancouver Soap Box Radio, Parent of a child with a disability, Chronic Illness Suffer and Activist. 

4- Heather Divine; Director of the People in Pain Network 

5- Daryl Luster: Pacific Hep C Network, Illness Survivor  

6- Roy Sakata:  Widower and Lung Cancer Advocate  

7- Sudha Madhuri Devi Sikha: Private Holistic/Wellness Practitioner 

8- Simeon Garriott: Stroke Survivor and Health Blogger

*NOTE*: Most or all Panelists will be participating in the pre and post information tables outside the chambers  

Audience Reference Participants:

1-Dr. Yvette Lu; Writer, Actor and GP with a focus on chronic illness.
2-James Saunders: Spinal Cord Injury, married, father, and director Reel wheels Theatre Group. 

3- Susan Maclean or Rep from BC FM/ME Association: Non-profit Support Organization
4- Janice Claydon: FM Survivor, Chronic Illness, Former Facilitator Self-Management BC.
5- Rep. of the Gastrointestinal Society of BC: Non-profit Support Organization
6- Hazel Lorraine; Vancouver Soap Box Radio, Parent/Grand parent, Disability Activist

See Event Poster here